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Learning the correct pronunciations and reciting it perfectly is crucial for learning and understanding the Quran. We are teaching Quran and offering Quran hifz courses for individuals of every age.


Interactive Learning that delivers the teaching of The Holy Quran in the most compatible way

We offer comprehensive online Quran classes for all age groups at different levels ranging from beginners to those advancing on a journey towards Hifz.

Course for Beginners Basic Online Quran Teaching

Learning to recite the Quran should, first and foremost, be treated as learning another language. Online Quran classes should start by covering the basic Arabic language and phonetic rules, as these are enough for a layman who wants to recite the Quran beautifully. Arabic has specific rules, different vowels, various forms, and stops. A minor change can alter the meaning of the verse or render it entirely meaningless. Understanding how words should sound when we pronounce them with different Harakat or Tashkeel in online Quran lessons is necessary to perfect your recitation.

What We Will Cover In The Quran Learning for Beginners Lesson:

  • Learning the Arabic alphabet, their different forms, and Makharij
  • How letters are joined in Arabic
  • Pronunciation in 100% Arabic accent
  • Learning about Ramoozul Auqa, Vowels (long and short), Huroof Muqatta’aat or Fawatih, and Harakat in detail
  • Identifying and learning to read the Tashkil accurately
  • Recognizing multiple levels of Madd
  • The stop, pause and don’t stop signs in the Quran
  • Understanding the differences between Jazm, Shaddah, Sukoon, and Tanween

What We Will Cover In The Online Tajweed Classes:

  • Identifying the different shapes, joint forms, and origins of letters in Arabic 
  • Qira’at with proper pronunciation
  • Memorization of the last 10 Surahs applying the proper Tajweed rules
  • The exceptions in the rules of recitation
  • The rules of Meem Sakinah, Laam Saakinah, Idghaam, and Ramoozul Auqaf
  • Practice the rules we learnt through recitation
  • Mandatory and temporary attributes or characteristics of the letters

  Take your first step to your lifelong Hifz Quran journey!

Quran Tajweed Course Online Tajweed Lessons

Allah The Almighty has instructed us in the Quran “… and recite the Qur’an with measured recitation.” The word used in Arabic is ترتيل which means to pronounce each word with deliberation, calmness, attention, and most importantly, preciseness of pronunciation. Without proper pronunciation, the whole meaning of the word and even an Ayah can change, keeping us from truly understanding the words we recite. We should be diligent when reciting the words of Allah. 

Tajweed teaches us the rules of recitation and certain etiquettes to follow. For memorization, tajweed is the foundation. It is best to memorize The Holy Quran after we have perfected our recitation.

Online Quran memorization course

Memorizing the Quran requires special techniques to avoid mistakes and is best for students who already have the basic knowledge of the Arabic language and sincere commitment. The most important part is retaining what you’ve memorized. 

The online Quran Teacher UK will assess the student and use the best, only tried and tested memorizing method that can be revised according to the student’s needs. With our foundational Quran Hifz course, you can memorise all, specific surahs, or parts of the Quran step by step. The tutors will equip the students with the knowledge and guidance on remembering what they’ve spent time memorizing with the hope that they will be rewarded for their efforts.

Take your first step to your lifelong Hifz Quran journey!

What We Will Cover In The Memorization Classes:

  • Bring fluency and accuracy in recitation
  • Reciting and memorizing Surahs with all the rules of Tajweed
  • Learning the general meaning of the verses under the supervision of online Quran tutors
  • Applying Tajweed rules in the recitation of the Quran
  • Learning the reasons for revealing the verses

3 Free Online Quran Trial to evaluate skills

We never compromise on the quality of our online Quran classes tutoring, but for your peace of mind, you can register for 3 free-of-cost trial sessions to see if we’re the right team of well-qualified Islamic scholars and expert Quran tutors and the way we are teaching Quran is suitable for you or your child.

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