How long does it take to memorise the Quran?


In the realm of Islamic devotion, there exists a remarkable undertaking that holds tremendous spiritual importance, and it is “memorizing the Quran.” This special effort not only helps us build a strong connection with Allah (S.W.T) but also shows our respect for the timeless teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), capturing the true essence of his esteemed life.

The Quran is not simply a collection of verses; it is Allah’s exact words, revealed to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) through the angel Gabriel. Each verse committed to memory serves as a guiding light, helping us navigate the complexities of life and leading us toward righteousness and spiritual fulfillment.

Quran school online can assist you in learning Quran by heart in the best ways! In this article, we will be discussing some important factors and guidelines that play a role in memorizing the Quran with some amazing tips.

How Long Does it Take You to Memorize the Quran?

The memorization of the Quran is a challenging endeavor that requires commitment, concentration, and struggle. While it is essential to keep in mind that individual abilities and circumstances can differ, the average time to Hifz the complete Quran is frequently believed to be between 1 and 3 years. 

5 Important factors on which memorization depends

Age of the Person

The optimal period for Quran memorization online is typically when a child reaches the age of 5. At this stage, children are generally well-prepared and receptive to memorizing the Quran. However, note that children below the age of 5 can still participate in online Hifz programs without any hindrance. Some children have a natural aptitude for learning from online Hifz courses even before reaching the age of 5.

Moreover, online Quran classes provide access to experienced Quran teachers who specialize in teaching children and adults. Thus, regardless of age, juniors and grown-ups alike can benefit from these programs.


When our intentions are pure, and our focus is solely on pleasing Allah, the journey becomes an exciting adventure, where each verse of the Quran becomes a precious gem to treasure.

With our sincere devotion guiding us, we find the strength to overcome obstacles, turning them into chances for success.


Developing a habit of consistent and disciplined study is vital when it comes to memorizing the Quran. Allocating specific time every day only for it and following a routine will assist in forming a lasting habit and guarantee steady progress.

To hifz the Quran, patience and perseverance are demanded, as it is a long-term commitment. However, maintaining a positive mindset and staying determined in the face of difficulties are key ingredients for achieving success.

Time Availability

Adults face a greater number of responsibilities and commitments in comparison to kids. Balancing work, family, and other obligations can present difficulties when it comes to setting aside specific time for memorization. Conversely, children often enjoy more leisure time and fewer obligations, affording them the opportunity to concentrate more on Hifz.

Therefore you need to seek Quran school online as they can assist you the best according to your availability.

Cognitive Abilities

Children often possess more agile and flexible memory capabilities compared to adults. Their brains are still developing, and they tend to have a tremendous capacity to absorb and retain information. Consequently, children may find it easier to grasp and memorize the verses of the Quran. Their young and modifiable minds commit the words to their memory. As people age, they may notice some decline in memory and cognitive functions.

Nonetheless, it is paramount to recognize that abilities can vary significantly among adults, and the impact of age on memory can differ from person to person. Adults often have the advantage of having developed various memory techniques and strategies over time. They may have learned effective study methods, such as visualization, repetition, and mnemonic devices, which can compensate for any age-related decline. These memory-enhancing techniques can help grown-ups in memorizing the Quran more efficiently, despite potential cognitive changes associated with aging.

Guidelines to Memorize the Quran Faster

Seek Support:

Join a group or find a study partner with whom you can recite and revise. Mutual encouragement and accountability can greatly enhance your progress.

Understand the Meaning:

Try to understand the meaning of the verses you are going through. It will aid in the comprehension, retention, and application of the Quran’s teachings.

Recite Out Loud:

Recite the verses out loud during the memorization process. Hearing your own voice will reinforce memorization and improve pronunciation.

Repeat and Revise:

Regularly rework what you have learned to reinforce it in your memory. Review previous portions before moving on to new ones. Consistent revision is crucial for long-term retention.

Audio Aid:

Listen to recitations of the Quran by experienced reciters. This will help with proper pronunciation, melody, and rhythm, which are important aspects.

Use Visualization Techniques:

Envision the verses in your mind’s eye as you recite them. Create mental images or associations to help you remember the sequence of words and concepts.

Seek Guidance and Blessings:

Begin each session by seeking guidance and blessings from Allah. Make supplications for ease, understanding, and retention of the Quran.

Set Goals:

Break down the Quran into manageable portions or surahs to memorize. Set realistic daily or weekly goals based on your schedule and capacity.

Recite in Salah:

After memorizing a portion of the Quran, make it a habit to recite it during prayer five times. This practice serves as a revision, allowing you to recall it frequently.

Final Thoughts

So let us hold the Quran close to our hearts, not just as a revered text but as a constant companion and source of enlightenment! The journey may be filled with ups and downs, moments of triumph and struggle, but each step forward is a step toward a greater connection with Allah (S.W.T).

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